Our Tool Inventory

Metric Specialties, Inc. is a major distributor of metric fasteners and related tools. At Metric Specialties, we not only carry an extensive inventory of metric fasteners, we also work with specialty shops that can custom manufacture parts to your specifications.
Here are just some of the items we carry:
  • Hex head bolts in all pitches and various materials
  • Socket head cap screws, button head socket caps and flat head socket head cap screws in steel and stainless steel
  • Set screws in various points and materials
  • Hex nuts, full, jam and locking in various materials and pitches
  • Washers - flat, locking, star internal and external, as well as wave and tab
  • Machine screws - pan, flat and oval, Phillips and slotted in various materials
  • Dowel pins, taper pins and roll pins in various material and configurations
  • Thread inserts, wire and solid, individual or in kits
  • Cutting tools, standard and special, taps, reamers, dies and drills
Nuts, Washers, and Bolts — Hex Nuts in Santa Clarita, CA
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